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33 year old Male, 5' 9" (175cm), Non-religious
Caucasian, Libra
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About Me
Hi there. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I've lived in several states slowly making my way south and west. Now I'm here in Vegas. I'd love to meet some interesting people.

If all your profile says is something like "ask me", chances are no one worthwhile will.

I'm an open-minded person to most things. Music is very important to me. I have very diverse interests ranging from the classic to the extreme. I grew up exposed to many genres and have seen hundreds of bands live. I like learning about people. What motivates them, guides their decisions, makes them who they are.

To a great extent, my life has been about making a difference in the lives of others through education and direct action.

People say that you can't judge a person on things like, say, their sign BUT let's try... Note that these are all based on personal experience and are NOT from an astrology book:

Scorpio females are almost always looking for a serious relationship, no matter how little sense that makes. Sure, she has nice eyes but what she sees that she isn't mentioning is what one should be concerned about. If you're a Scorpio and you include "short-term dating" as what you're looking for, you're being dishonest, probably to yourself. But then, when did you let little things like "logic" and contradictions get in your way? They almost never have a picture of them smiling as their profile pic. Go ahead, check for yourself. She'll want to know all about you, but don't ask too many questions of her, because she guards her personal secrets with a broadaxe. Scorpio is the only water sign whose symbol lives in the desert, indicating the hot/cold contradiction of this sign and man, when this one turns cold, she turns to ice! Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio, and don't you know it. Several of you (Scorpios) have messaged me just to tell me you agree with this, so I'm glad some of you can admit it, at least.

Gemini females are the most likely to have the least open interest in sex, to the point where many of them mention how they are disgusted by men who are sexually forward. Most profiles of Gemini females will make sure to mention how you should not message them if you're a "pervert" AKA a normal red-blooded male. They're one of the signs that tends to like to think of themselves as intellectual or independent-minded. Not so much. They're always being silly, to the point that it just gets annoying. Then, when you are finally in a playful mood, they switch to their serious side. I've had a few Gemini girls insist they don't fit my description. Guess what? They never proved otherwise. Don't be a hater, Gemini.

Aquarius women are always about being different. They just have to be unique somehow, even though they really aren't, since in many ways they act like all of the other Aquarius girls! To her, everyone has to be "equal" and consensus has to be reached, even though Aquarius does not realize that she is not being fair by doing so. A flighty girl, she's often indecisive and fickle until she decides to fixate on you, in which case she'll be quite upset if you don't reciprocate. Some astrologers say that Aquarians are dispassionate or unsexual; this is untrue. She just needs the right intellectual stimulation because she can probably visualize just about anything that you can describe, and once she feels secure to act on her darkest fantasies, she'll try just about anything once, probably more if she likes it. Just make sure you don't make her feel disrespected. But is it worth the hassle?

Capricorn females think themselves terribly clever... they're not. She wants practicality but she's too fickle and critical to get there. Also often thinks she's an individual. Capricorns tend to be the ones who end up looking frazzled in profile pics. Probably the (often self-induced) stress. Also considered rather unsexual; this is also untrue. Capricorn needs to be able to relax, vent through her daily stresses and feel like things are on the right path in order to get in the mood. If she feels like you're part of her path to wherever she's going, she'll gladly hop in bed and (slightly) loosen up. Think Faye Dunaway in Network or Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer. If she decides you're not part of that perfect plan of hers though, she'll drop you like a hot rock.

Libra females, unlike their male counterparts are typically quite unbalanced in nature. Their inflated sense of self-worth leads them to unrealistic expectations of romantic fantasy and a generally stuck-up nature. Their lack of grounding can lead to fits of jealousy and they're always looking for greener pastures. They enjoy beauty and harmony but somewhere in their personality is a bit of a tomboy. Libra females are the types that write dissertations on their sexual experiences without even asking the guys' permission to publish. They can be a lot of fun though, and love to do things to make them be wanted. Worthwhile? Maybe.

Pisces ladies can be among the most feminine; however this also means they can be quite dramatic. Pisces finds it very tough to take even the most constructive criticism, preferring to live in the worlds of fantasy which her creative mind thinks up. Those fantasies, while unrealistic, can lead to some very enjoyable situations at times. When feeling hurt or slighted, Pisces will play the martyr. I know, I know... why you, Pisces? If she complains about something, she's usually looking for empathy, not debate.

Sagittarius girls can be among my favorite, but it varies widely depending on their specific disposition. They often have a wide-eyed optimism and thirst for knowledge or at least understanding. Sadges want to experience the universe and often get hurt by others while doing so, although they tend to hold such things outside rather than in their normally cheerful demeanor. They can be a lot of fun but also very restless and they have a different standard of loyalty than some. If the talking dog from the cartoon "Up" has a sign, it's Sagittarius. "Squirrel!" They're easily distracted, harshly critical often without realizing so and difficult to connect with emotionally. Still, Sagittarian females are still both fiery and mutable.

Virgo females are quirky, generally rational, analytical types. You'll often find them into gaming or some offbeat media interests. Their favorite music is quite often something that fits their personality like, say, Florence and the Machine. The most favorable of the Earth signs, mutable Virgo females are normally a very good match for me, unless something has changed their personality to reflect a more bitter, critical side. The Virgo female often come across as shy or introverted, however she's not a prudish type. She can be very hot under the collar if motivated, exuding an animalistic sexuality. One could say her outward shyness makes it a bit like she's a virgin every time.

Conversation Starters (i.e. what you'd like to do on a first date...)
Cancer females may sometimes seem small on logic and big on feelings and intuition. This comes from their emotions that run deep like the seas but flow like the tides. They may come across as cold or stuck-up at first, but this is their hard shell beneath which lies a delicate, sensitive side. It's that sensitive side that's sexy, but she can get into some crabby moods at times, during which it's best to give her space. They are the type to express interest, then stop talking randomly with no explanation. I like Cancer girls, when they can let their feelings flow in the right direction.

Taurus women are slow and stubborn when it comes to just about everything. You want to go on a date with a Taurus? Suggest on Monday that perhaps you go out on Friday and by Friday she may have made up her mind to go out. Otherwise, good luck. This sign will drag everything out as long as possible. Focused on herself more than anything else, her only redeeming quality is her love of beautiful things. Unfortunately that tends to mean she expects a guy to buy her lots of beautiful things. Taurus girls, you know this is you. Also, Taureans take the "I think I'm clever and have a great sense of humor" of the Capricorn and make it even more grating. Those "clever jokes to yourself" are not funny. I don't go on dates with Taurus females. lol I guess I just move at a different speed than you girls.

Leo ladies... this one I'm still divided on. Not really the biggest thinkers... Many of you are just hopelessly full of yourselves, and then there's been a few gems who buck that trend. Those that do are adventurous, open-minded and sexy lionesses. Rawr. The ones who aren't... your lack of self-awareness is frankly embarrassing. Your pompous, overbearing nature isn't impressing anyone. Your counterproductive pride throws the baby out with the bathwater. I'd tell you to get over yourself but we both know you've got your figurative fingers in your ears not listening.

Disagree? Prove me wrong. I'll add more later!

You know what I find really funny? 95% of women say that they enjoy intense intellectual conversation... yet almost none of them actually have or enjoy intense intellectual conversations.

Much like I enjoy music, I also have watched many, many films. I can't pin down a specific genre as I have favorites in many. I do adore film noir and the likes of James Cagney and the Marx Brothers. I enjoy good horror films and camp/grindhouse classics. I like films that are bold and vibrant and have something to say.

I'd like find someone fun, compassionate and open-minded. Is that you?

What really matters most is who you're with rather than where you are. I'm always interested in someplace new.... anywhere with a relaxing, casual vibe. I want to be able to get a good feel for who it is I'm out with...