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Wave Your Lesbian Flag Proud

Loud, proud, and authentically you. That’s how it should be and that’s how it is on POF. We want you to show up and feel free to be who you truly are. However you identify or don’t identify, you’re always welcome on POF.
Don’t know where to start? Looking for queer dating advice? We can help you find the right people and the best matches. We can also give you ideas for where you can go and what you can do on your dates. You can check out our blog, The Latest Catch, to stay updated on all of our LGBT dating advice. Wait, did we just become the best matchmaker?
With one of the largest dating apps and sites, plus thousands of active singles, you’re bound to meet other single lesbians just like you. And with plenty (get it?) of ways to communicate, you truly can date your way. Choose from text, video chat, voice chat, watching live streams, playing games, and more. Your perfect lesbian date is just a swipe or search away.

Pro Tip: You can filter your search to find singles that match your desired age, ethnicity, body type, education level, income, location, religion, and lifestyle. This means you can personalize who you see across the app and find exactly who you’re looking for.

Remember when we said we’d give you some date ideas? Well, we’re delivering on that promise. C’mon, we wouldn’t leave you hanging.

  1. Cook for your date
  2. Go stargazing
  3. Book a spa day
  4. Get a couple’s massage
  5. Go out for a dine-in the-dark experience
  6. Go to the drive-in movie theater
  7. Take a night cruise
  8. Plan a picnic
  9. Try a new restaurant
  10. Make cocktails for each other
  11. Take a day trip
  12. Drink wine and listen to music
  13. Have a games night
  14. Have a movie day with snacks
  15. Go out to the theater
  16. Go on a hike
  17. Try something new
  18. Go skydiving
  19. Take a camping trip
  20. Go to your local food market
  21. Visit the museum
  22. Have a touristy day in your own city
  23. Do a cooking class
  24. Go to a cocktail class
  25. Check out the arcade
  26. Go out for brunch

We hope that gets you started on your dating journey and gives you fresh ideas for fun ways to keep things interesting. Doing things that matter with people that matter to you is what life is all about! And if they don’t feel that way about you, 1. We’re confused because you’re amazing and 2. It’s time to move along to the next. You can think of us as your wing person, cheerleader, and support group all in one. No worries, no need to thank us.
If you don’t know, now you know… there are some really bogus misconceptions about lesbians. You may have even heard them yourself and they may have caused some lesbian dating issues for you in the past. For example:
All lesbians know each other
Lesbians hate men
Lesbians always stay friends with their exes
Lesbians are either butch or femme
Lesbians dress like men

Sorry, what? How bizarre is that? Those that want to put you in a box aren’t worth your time, so just do you and live your life. There, we said it. We’re moving on.
Sigh, anyways… that’s enough of that silliness. In a world that can sometimes feel unaccepting, we want to welcome you to POF with open arms. In the end, we all want to find love, be loved, and be happy. Whether you’re dating after coming out or have proudly been out for a while, we want to help you find who you’re looking for!
Our matching algorithm will have you meeting the most compatible lesbians in no time! The algorithm uses the unique attributes from your dating profile and connects you with the best single lesbians. Trust us, it’s incredibly accurate—you’ll be very impressed. So, feeling ready to get started?

Here's how it works:

Plenty of Fish connects the most singles by building low pressure online experiences. Thanks to our Live! Feature and state-of-the-art dating technology, you can get to know other singles without all that pressure. You can go on blind dates any time using NextDate, play dating games or just chat. Less pressure and more fun—the perfect recipe for better dates.

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Create a profile

Here’s where the magic starts! The more we know about you, the better we can match you with the right singles. Take your time & be thorough.
Upload Quality Photo

Upload Quality Photo

Seriously! This is the number one thing you can do to increase your chances of finding a great date. Make sure to include at least 4 photos that show the real you!
Take the Pledge<br />& Find Dates!

Take the Pledge
& Find Dates!

  1. a. Take the Pledge to be safe & respectful
  2. b. Head over to Live! to start finding dates
Blind Date with NextDate

Blind Date with NextDate

  1. a. Navigate to the Live! tab on the bottom right
  2. b. Hit “Go Live!” and then tap the heart icon at the bottom left of your screen to start NextDate
  3. c. Tap the heart icon again to switch into Blind Date Mode and wait for someone to join your date!

Making the first move is proven to increase your chances of finding a date. Our advice is to keep it light and start with a mutual interest, such as...you know it, HOW YOU”RE BOTH SINGLE AND A LESBIAN!

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