Caysie & Justin, Married 12/2013

"Needle in a Haystack"
Just like old school dating, online dating can be a long and challenging process. I met my fiancé and I am very happy and thankful for POF bringing us together. However, it wasn't as easy as everyone thinks when they see the commercials on TV. I met several guys (around 4) online that didn't work out. One if the guys I met seemed nice until he tried to force me into a meeting before I was ready by threatening to photoshop my picture and post it on the internet if I didn't meet him. That one ended quickly. Another guy I met was wonderful to talk to and we had lots in common. After a couple weeks I was ready to meet, in a public place, for coffee. But before we met he explained he was probably going to be dressed as a vampire because he would be coming straight from LARP.... I was confused but after he explained it I realized we didn't have an much in common as I thought. LARP was Live Action Role Play a group he met with weekly to act out fantasy roles. While I have nothing against this it was a big part of his life and something I knew I was not interested in. Then it happened... I met Justin. I enjoyed our talks profoundly more then I had with anyone else right from the start. Being a girl I had my mile and a half long check list and there were things he didn't meet on the list but I didn't care. He was fun, good looking, smart, and generous. Just because we met online didn't mean we missed out on real world experiences. We still had butterflies, an awkward first kiss, and other embarrassing but fun moments. He asked me to marry him this past New Years Eve and we are getting married this coming New Years Eve. I thank God everyday for bumpy but entertaining road that lead me to my amazing man!