Mayleth & Timothy, Married 4/2014

"One in a million"
Timothy and I met on POF. It all started like this. One day in late October of 2012, I came home from college with my best friend, we were doing homework and well, as you know it's never good to do homework with your best friend. Well, she introduced me to POF that night. I signed up to check it out and the next minute Tim messaged me, along with other guys. But, Timothy was the only one who caught my attention, because all he said was "hey" unlike the other guys. Haha, well, we talked for a few weeks, in early November we decided to meet up. We went to "el vaquero" the restaurant and had such a great time. Since that day, Timothy and I have been together. We became boyfriend and girlfriend. Now, I am so happy to say that we are expecting our first baby boy, who is due November 15, 2013 and our wedding set date is for April 12, 2014! We absolutely love each other with everything we've got. He's a great man and a very hard worker! I could go on forever ! But I definitely hit the jackpot with this man and all thanks to this amazing sit ! POF