Diane & Donald, Married 6/2013

"Happy ever after"
Don and I met for a coffee after having chatted a few times within the first week of initial contact. We have been seeing each other since. After just 4 months we got engaged and we are getting married in a months time, after being together for just 8 1/2 months. Everything about our relationship has felt 'right' from the first time we met and it really was ' love at first sight'. We have both been married before so we knew what we were looking for in our new partner. Sometimes in life we just have to take a chance and give something new a try. I have found that once you meet a person face to face it is easier to see what they are really like and that is the best piece of advice I can give anyone on this 'internet dating game'. People can say anything when they are just typing in words but to look into their eyes.... the truth will come out.