Katurah & Issiace, Married 6/2013

"We Didnt Like Each Other But Then..."
He was very handsome in his profile pic (which his cousin set up)... However, I inboxed him and told him he should smile. He text a few times & realized he wasn't a good speller (a huge pet peeve of mine). So we talked less. Then I suggested a phone call which he shy'd away from. I immediately went on the defensive. (Clearly he was married.) He said he would call and we spoke 2 more times before we decided to meet. Something felt safe about him. We met & he ask me the 1st nite when I wanted to be married. *Shocked Face* I said when the time is right. 19 days later he ask my father for my hand in marriage. He isnt exactly what I would have chosen & vice versa for him when it came to me. GOD played a hand in my union. Weve had ups & downs but hes My Keeper & he loves me like I never dreamed of. GOOD LUCK FINDING YOUR TRUE LOVE