Dagmara & Larry, Married 2/2013

"This is how our story begins.."
When I first saw Larry's profile I can't lie I was drawned to his 6'10 height! A handsome, tall, dark stranger was a very good start. From the first message I knew this might be the start of something amazing. We talked every day and it felt like we knew each other forever. And with every message we knew we wanted to meet as soon as we could, but with six hour distance between us it was not that easy. Finally couple of months later we decided that I would go to visit Larry first. We spent an amazing weekend together and by the end of it we knew that we wanted to see each other every day (or at least I did!). Not long after that we decided to move in together. Many people thought we were rushing into things, but for us it was the best thing to do. Our relationship grew stronger and stronger and with all the feelings we decided to get married! We always used to say when you know something feels right, then why wait?Unfortunately our families didn't share our vision at first. It took them a while to get used to the idea of not only us getting married so soon but also being an interracial couple ( we both come from families with strong traditions). Thankfully after getting to know us they changed their minds! So on 14th of February we tied the knot with just the closest family. It could not be a more wonderful day. To know that I will spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man. He's not only my husband, but my best friend too. Many people now congratulate us on being brave and standing up to what we felt was right. Love.