Kenny & Jill, Married 9/2014

I never thought i'd be happy, And i NEVER thought i'd met my dream girl. POF made my long life dream come true. Ive never fallen in love so fast. i can finally have a relationship with no worrys. I met Jill on August 25, 2012 and saw instantly that she was the one.. There was just something about her and we clicked i asked her out a day later and we have been going strong ever since. She is truly my dream girl. we cant go a day with out finishing eachothers sentences. or thinking of the same thing. Shes all i have ever wanted or ever dreamed of. Word of advice. for those of you that have been on this sight for awhile. all i can say is, Stay strong, and dont give up!! because look what that gave me a life time of happyness thank you POF!!!!!!