Malaika & Wulf, Married 12/2012

I met my husband on POF around october '11 just after my break up with my Ex. I saw his picture up-top where It says "people you might be interested" When I went to his profile I immediately felt that we we were in the same page, He put in there that he was looking for a serious long term relationship, and so was I. We talked and exchaged numbers. We became friends & talk regularly over the phone for almost two month. We lived about three hours drive from each other. He was always pushing me to meet him in person but I was skeptical because that was the only time I'd talked to someone online, after about three months, I give in and let him drive to my town and see me. It was the best day of my Life, All I thought about was "Why I did not let him see me sooner?" He was my dream guy. He took me to dinner and walked downtown while we were eating some Ice cream, I then realized that Wow, we have alot of things in common. He took my breathe away. We spent 4 days together. After a month and a half, He got orders to go to Afghanistan for nine long months. I was broken hearted. I felt like, When I finally found the Man I was looking for and everything are Perfect, He needs to Leave me. It was not fair. He left while I continue to live my Life, I focused myself on work and friends, We talked everyday through facebook and he would call me about twice a week. It was hard for both of us but we can't do anything about it. There were times that I wantef to give up but He didn't, He never did. He always reminded me how much he loves me and how much we love each other. & guess what, It worked! After 9 mos he came back & after a month we got married! I had to moved city to be with him. We're both very Happy and just enjoying Life together! Thanks POF!