Candace & Quentin, Married

"I found my fish <3"
I was training at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and wanted to find a local to help me explore the area - so I joined Plenty of Fish! I wasn't expecting anything serious because I was only training there for a few months, but I just happened to find the PERFECT guy for me. He was a local surfer boy and introduced me to so many cool people. We were inseperable for the next 6 months and when my training was finished and it was time for me to move to my next base, we didn't want to end it. He found an AWESOME job and lives with me in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are planning our wedding on August 31, 2013- in Lompoc, California where we met! When someone is willing to sacrafice so much for you and the military, that's love :) They always say you'll find "the one" when you least expect it. I'm so glad we both joined Plenty of Fish, I now believe in destiny!