Coreen & Shawn, Married 7/2013

"Life Only Got Better"
I was going to delete my account after several botched attempts at dating. I met several nice people but never a "LOVE" match. It was the day before I intended to delete my account and I received an email from a man who asked me to meet up for clam chowder, coffee and a walk on the water front. Hmmmm... I thought to myself. One last try? Ok, why not? We talked over the internet a bit and I asked him the make it or break it question.."What did you like about my profile?" This guy actually listed 11 points.. Wow!! He read it.. Ok, let's go out and see. We spoke over the phone for hours and had a lot in common. We met up, went for a short hike after I brought coffee to him. We hit it off rather instantly,(well, after I helped him get his breathing under control). We met up again for a second date and have pretty much been together since. We have lived together the entire time and fell deeply in love with one another and are engaged to be married on July 20th, 2013. I have found my soul mate and best friend and I have POF to thank for it. Who woulda thought?