Trevor & Jamie, Married 10/2012

"A loves Test"
We have a unique story of love. Both of us feel the universe brought us together. Jamie recently had moved to Toronto and I had just ended a 17 year marriage with a wife and two kids. Jamie wasn't sure to even message as he had put Niagara behind him. I had dated a few men in Niagara and realized I wanted a little more variety. Jamie's Profile was cute and it had one key point "he loved his Grandma" We both had tight relationships with our grandmothers. It started a month of conversation and then a date was set! Funny story Jamie and I set November 15th as our date night. When the day got closer I got a message from him saying he couldn't make it because of a payrol situation. I have to tell you I was not taking NO for an answer so I said I would come and get him. SO off I went to Toronto to pick Jamie up for our First Date! He made arrangements to stay at friends, we went out for dinner at the Keg and closed the place. He gave me an amazing kiss goodnight and I melted! We dated back and forth between Toronto and Niagara for a few weeks and just before Christmas I asked hime to move in. We love eachother and both of us have had challenges thrown at us. My previous relationship became extremely bitter, among other challenges our love stays strong. He is an amazing man and we love our life. He's my best friend, and husband, I am grateful everyday. My life started when I met him!