Donna & Brian, Married 1/2013

"Puppy Love"
Brian sent me a "meet me" request. I really did not like getting those because I thought it took very little effort. But looking at his pictures one stood out. His dog Tula. I love dogs and thougth he couldn't be all that bad if he posted a picture of his dog. So we messaged on 1-15-2012, and met for coffee at Starbucks on 1-17. There was a snow storm and the roads were horrible. He called he was going to be late. I hate late but gave him a break due to weather. I knew at our first meeting I would marry this man. He made me laugh. Not telling me jokes non-stop, he just made me laugh. When our date was over he shly asked me if I thought I would like to do this again. Of course I said yes. I called my best friend on the way home and said I just met the man I am going to marry. Well we did marry. On 1-17-2013. The one year anniversary of our first date. We celebrated at Starbucks with our families. We will forever be thankful for POF bringing us together.