Keith & Becky, Married 9/2013

"Robin from the hood meets the Wolf on POF"
Our Story on POF starts like no other, we both joined POF days apart from each other in September 2011 and later to discover we lonely fishes, swam in the same water, and we roamed the same streets for years passing each other at different times unknowingly. It all began with a blink of an eye. I happened to be going to the meet me option and there she was, blue clown 1971 the angelfish and her smile brighten my depressed heart. I click on her and we chatted as friends, I in boxed her with jokes, to make her laugh; our sense of humor brought us together. I called her Beck AKA Robin from the hood and she called me Mr. Wolf. Even though our profiles stated what we wanted in a life partner and we had common interest I was unsure if she wanted to meet with me, so I convinced her with poetry, and then we met at a mutual place. All she saw was a thin, dark very tall man, smiling from ear to ear. Even with lots of people there the crowd disappeared and all I could see was the smile on her beautiful face. We ate, danced to salsa, and laughed, and we ended the date with a hug and kiss on the cheek .She was a real lady and though I acted like someone who got off the Looney bus. It was because she didn’t know it yet I was falling in love and she would soon too. I asked her for a second date before the first one was over which she replied we will see, oh no I guess the child play ruined it for me, no little red robin from the hood meets the Wolfe for me. I was lucky, she decided to give it a chance so I mellowed down on the second date and left the Looney bus routine at home, she was pleased, the rest is history, I was her Wolf and she was my Robin from the hood. We both needed a fairy tale in our lives, So on November 9th 2012 I ask her to marry me and she replied yes!!!! Making me the happiest old wolf the world will ever see. My beauty has her beast, and we will live happily after. The End