Rudy & Stacy, Married 11/2011

"From being in a Family to becomng our own family!"
I started to Email Stacy for alittle while. She said she liked how I looked in my pictures. So we talked and talked for a little bit in december. We decided to meet for the 1st time on December 30 2009 at Dave N Buster. I saw her sitting n the bunch with straight dark hair and a scarf around her. She looked very beautiful and had a great smile. We went inside and had a dinner together. I learned the 1st time that she disliked Jager very much and I had ordered her a leathal weapon that had jager in it. 1st time I ever knew how much she dislike it and later down the future I would know why :). Well we hit off pretty good even played games in there and talked alot. We ended the night with me walking to her car and i took a shot and went for it and we had our 1st kiss...kiss's. The date was a good one. I would later meet her sister for the 1st time who is also in law enforcement. I belive Stacy ended up getting my backround check before i met her sister lol. Well we hit off again with her sister and just got to know each other more. I would eventually meet her mother. That was very intimidating but eventually it payed off. I was later invited to go out of town with her family and it was the 1st time my wife told me she loved me and that I loved her. We said this in mendocino ca at a beach house on the porch after midnight under the stars. It was a great feeling. Week before the day I had asked her mother for permission to marry her daughter. She said yes in tears.... In September 18 2010 I just got off work from a 16 hour night shift and went to her home at 0630 in the morning. she opened the door saw i was tired and as we went to her room so i can lay down i dropped to one knee and purposed to my wife. She said yes!!!! We got married November 11 2011 11-11-11. and spent our honeymoon in the Bahamas. we had a great time. Later down the line in Febuary my wife surprised me with..."Im Pregnant" It seemed that we just couldnt seem to take a break. OUr lives where moving so fast from email, txt, date, parents, relationship, engagement, marriage and now pregnant. Our doctors told us we would be having the baby November 14 2012 and that we are having a baby boy. 3 days after the day we married lol. she wasnt too happy about sharing the dates with our baby lol. Novomber 14 2012 we went to the hostpital and was admitted. My wife was in labor for over 26 hours. This was the most chaotic moment in our lives. The whole labor was stressful and scary. I wont go into details but I was the happiest man alive that day. My son was born Nov 15 2012 0638 7 punds 10 ounces 21 inches healthy baby. My son Logan was so beautiful and my wife came out safely. My wife is such a strong woman. She had to be due to my son being stubburn to come out lol. We ended up buying a new family vehicle CRV and now we will be looking for a home for ourselfs. its been a fast, fast, fast events in our lifes and we are still srong and still going. Thank you POF for helping me find my Wife and helping to be part of why we met and had our son Logan. W