Shawn Lynne & John Lamar, Married 3/2013

"Love At First Sight!"
Our Story The day that John and I first chatted on POF was back in July 2011. After numerous email exchanges and he not asking me if I wanted to meet in person; I took the liberty of asking if he wanted to meet for drinks and appetizers. Although he accepted my invite he often times tells me that I gave him the challenge of a lifetime by rudely asking him if he wanted to meet. I was slightly over the email exchange and felt that if he wanted anymore of my precious time he’d meet me in person. Before our first date we spoke over the phone once which I thought went very well. We decided to meet in Boston, MA at a local billiard (Kings Billiards). When I first met him I thought to myself he’s a nice looking man however sparks didn’t fly with me until I walked around the pool table and my arm brushed ever so slightly on his back. It was like a spark erupted and I was instantly in awe over this man. We continued dating – seeing one another two date nights out of the week and every weekend. We became so enthused to see each other that within 3 months of dating we moved in with one another. The strange thing about our lives is that we have lived in 2 other states not knowing we were there. I moved to Massachusetts the summer of 2010 and 6 months later John moved to MA – and we met on POF. I remember John asking me do I believe in love at first sight and although I knew it was possible; I just never thought I would personally experience something that you only see in the movies. John proposed to me on September 22, 2011 and we plan to wed on March 13, 2013. We cannot afford a traditional wedding ceremony for our family due to the fact that we both have teenagers that will be off to college this year. I would love to have a nice wedding, with the ruffled dress and glass slippers, but it’s just not possible at this time. After John proposed and I started mentioning how large I wanted the wedding to be he came to me humbly and said that having a large wedding would put a damper on our finances, so I immediately agreed and compromised to a much smaller atmosphere. He promised me that in 5 or so years when we have a better financial foundation as a married couple that we could have a nice wedding that I’d want. We are off to Viva Las Vegas for a nice chapel, dinner and fun with our close friends and family members. I feel that if John and I are selected for the wedding contest and were awarded the grand prize of $100,000.00 we would have the wedding we’ve always wanted and would have a financial cushion to start – what I like to call “The Beginning of the Rest of our Lives”. Thank you Plentyoffish for helping me find my forever!