Dan & Shellie, Married

"Starbucks, walks, and magic."
Dear POF, Hi, my name is Dan, and I wanted to send you a note and make you aware of another successful relationship started by your site. About 7 months ago, I started a great conversation with a woman named Shellie after joining your sight. On Jun 10th 2012 we took a risk and met at Starbucks in Geneva Il. I saw her walking up through the window and I thought she was even prettier in person. So I got up and opened the door for her, and its been so great ever since, apparently that got me some points (she talks about that moment all the time). Geneva is a beautiful little town with nice shops and just a pleasant atmosphere; so we took a walk up and down this historical street. To be honest, I didnt take much of my surroundings in, I was too enthralled by the girl. Our date lasted for over 4 hours just talking; it was magic. When I walk her to her car I kissed and told her up front I wanted to see her again. She felt the same way. We started going on dates in downtown Chicago and love started to grow. On our 1 month anniversary, I took her back to Starbucks in Geneva and we recreated that same date. On our walk, we stopped and kissed in front of a window of a restaraunt called Chianti's and the patrons sitting by the window saw us and stood up and clapped and cheered for us. Shellie noticed them as she was facing the window and said'" we have an audiance." I looked, we waved and walked away a little embarressed. I will come back to this story in just a minute but theres one more amazing thing that we found out about each other that is quite uncanny. On our second month anniversary Aug 10th we were heading out to eat and I thought I 'd be a little vulerable and tell her that I was thankful for her because Aug 10th wasa reminder of a failed 18 year marriage and I would have been married for 21 years on that day. She was speechless because she had a long marriage end as well and realized we were both married the same day, Aug 10, 1991. On Dec 10th on our 6 months anniversary I took her back to Starbucks in Geneva it was cold but we took a short walk over to Chiantis. In the same spot, we kissed and I dropped to one knee and I proposed to her, she said" yes" and then she noticed we had an audiance again in the window but this time it was all her friends and family that I had reserved the restaraunt for she was blown away and it was such a special night for such a special woman. So we will again be married on the same day this time, to each other. None of this would have happened if we hadn't taken a chance on POF. It was very easy and we both had tried other sites but yours provided what we were looking for. Thank You so much, Dan