Sherri & Tony, Married 10/2012

"We found each other"
My husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago. I'd been on this site and met several nice men but only had a couple that I dated for awhile. Each time it didn't work out for one reason or another. Until I had given up and was closing my account and found Tony. It was meant to be from our first date. We met on August 16th and married October the 11th. He hadn't dated on the site much, if it hadn't been for his daughter setting his acct up He'd never done it at all. We have been so blessed and thankful to have found each other. We both believe it was God that pulled all the strings and this website provided the pathway. I just want to say don't give up and to all the gentlemen I met along the way thank you for being a part of my healing and encouragement. I hope each of you find your last love and are as happy as we are. Time, faith, hope and trust will eventually bring you to your happiness. Thank You, Sherri