Elsie & Miguel, Married

"Love came in full circle"
I met Miguel in junior high in 1983, I had him for English class. We didnt run in the same circles in school...I was Ms. Popular and he was Mr. Geeky...lol It came full circle when a familiar face was seen on POF, I took the chance and contacted him. For a week we texted back and forth, spoke on the phone and reconnected. On our first date we left for the weeked to the keys and it was LOVE at first sight for both of us. We knew after that weekend we didnt want to be apart from one another. We moved in immediately after, and have been happily together ever since. I can't thank POF enough cause I dont think I would have run into him otherwise. We have set a wedding date of 03/30/13 and I can't wait to be his wife! Heres to HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!