Shana & Jack, Married 10/2013

"And We Lived Happily Ever After..."
Looking back now, destiny was working in our favor. After spending many frustrating hours looking through profiles, I stumbled across his profile. I remember thinking to myself "Why not?". Not realizing the same frustrating issues were going on with him too, I emailed him. The next day, I logged on to find he replied. I later found out he rarely checked his email and seldom emailed anyone back. I just happened to be the lucky one. After a few emails, we began the next step, talking on the phone. Our conversations were great and lasted for hours. He knew how to make me laugh. A few days later, we had a lunch date. I was so nervous! I had never seen someone so handsome! Two days later, we had our first official date. He came up with the perfect first date, Fiesta Texas. After that we were inseparable. Three months later, at a baseball game on his birthday, he proposed. Half way through the game, he looked at me and said "I can't wait any longer! Will you marry me?" My heart was soaring! I blurted out "YES!" and wrapped my arms around him. He was so excited, he was telling anyone that would listen. Right before I met him, I gave up on the thought of ever finding him. Now my life is perfect! He is such an opposite match from me, but I would not change a thing. This country girl never knew her prince charming would come in a death metal package. It proves love is always were you aren't looking. Everything about him is perfect to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world.