Lynn & Chris, Married 6/2013

"The Best Partner Ever"
I was recovering from a very painful relationship breakdown when a friend suggested Internet Dating. I was very nervous about it as I had heard so many horrendous hearsay stories, but hey give it a try I thought. I made contact with a few chosen men and they were nice and friendly and we exchanged messages. I then messaged Chris and we seemed to be so compatible. After about 4 weeks of emails we then talked on the phone for another month before we actually met! It would appear our lives had paralled each other, both had a broken marriage and a hurtful realtionship behind us. It then turned out when I was 17 and he 19 we used to hang out at the same venue (vaguely remember ?). Then when we were in our first marriage we lived 3 streets away! And Then my younger cousin and his eldest daughter knew each other because their children were in the same class at school. So many coincidences!. Chris has introduced me to so many interests from motorcycle racing to steam locomotives. We just love going visiting heritage railways and riding the steam romantic. We also like all gauges of railway models and we are collectors of vintage models now. And now at 60 I am learning to ride a motorcycle! The other latent talent he has brought out in me is helping him totally restore a classic car MG Midget (Dudley) that we have bought. It has been 10 months of thoroughly enjoyable work and we are almost there on getting it back on the road after 25 years! And I hope it will be our wedding car! We share everything, do lots together, enjoy our road trips up and down the country and for two 60somethings have lots of fun and giggles. Chris says I am the Best Partner Ever and I totally concur with those sentiments. Chris and I set up home together in August 2011 and have never yet had an argument (minor disagreements that's all). We finally decided to get married on the day his last grand-daughter was born. There was only one place for that at LLangollen Railway, a place very special to both of us. The date offered 29th June 2013, turned out to be his parent's wedding anniversary date and the date my parents first choice (but then settled for 22nd due to unavailability!). So yet another coincidence! So June next year we will be married and start this final chapter for these two 60somethings! We look forward to spending the rest of our days together as man and wife and we are so grateful to POF for being there at the start. Chris and Lynn