Michael & Tracie, Married 9/2013

"My Angel"
The first time I saw Tracies pic and profile on your web page I knew I had to talk to her. She kind of made the first move by looking at my profile. So I sent her a message on a friday afternoon. She responded right back. We never stopped talking to each other from that moment on. We texted each other all through out that evening. By sunday night I asked her out on our first date. We met each other the following Wed evening. I met up with her at her work. When I first laid eyes on her I was struck by the love fairy. Who knew I was actually going on a date with my future wife. We had the best date ever. We had dinner, followed by entertainment at Dave and Busters were we Traveled to Paris and Rome... Inside joke. Followed by going to movie trivia with some of my close friends. I will never forget that night. There was never a dull moment. We had so much fun with each other. From on there out we were a couple. Within just a few months of dating we had gone thru alot of trials. I have a chronic medical diease and that really hit our relationship right from the begining. After only dating a total of four weeks I ended up in the hospital for a week. Tracie never left my side. She spent almost every night by my bedside. I could not believe that she would do that for me. We had been only togather for a month and here she is right by myside. Right at that moment I knew I had someone special. I was in love with this girl We also had alot of great times in the start of this amazing ride of love. Her mom took us to Vegas in march for a few days and we had a blast togather. I also got to finally spend time with her family. Then in May we had another speed bump hit our relationship. I ended up back in the hospital for over two weeks for a bowel obstruction which required major surgery. But that was a a blessing in disguise. One evening she told me how much she loved me and wanted me to move in with her after I got discharged from the hospital. I knew from that moment I was going to make her my wife. After I moved in things we going great. We become a stronger couple. I had a rough summer with my chronic illness but it kept us as couple alot stronger. When fall came and the holidays approaching I knew I wanted to propose to her. I was thinking of brining in the New Year with a wonderful surprise but I was able to get the ring alot sooner then I thought. I got the ring four days before Thanksgiving. I thought well now I will ask her on Thanksgiving. That wasn't the case. I could not wait. I ordered the ring on sunday and I picked it up on monday. I could not wait any longer. When I got home that evening from picking up the ring I set up a nice beautiful mood in our basement room and I gave her my heart and soul that Evening. When I asked her to marry me I never had felt so much love and emotion towards anyone else before. We have been engaged now almost a year and we are tying the knot next Sept. I want to thank Plenty of Fish for giving me a second chance in love again. I was once in love before, but this tops the cake. The love I have for Tracie goes above and beyond and type of love i have had in my past. She has never left my side. Thru good times and bad times, we get stronger and stronger in our relationship and feel we can get through anything. If you have any doubts about using a dating Web site, I hope that this gives you an idea on how much love you can actually find on the internet. If i had never taken the chance like i did, I would not be planning on wedding like i am now. And toTracie, thank you for being my rock, my crutch, my soulmate and my co-pilot in this wonderful journey I call love. .