Callie & Daren, Married

"true love"
Me and Daren were both comin out of divorces and I was pregnant at the time we met. I made a profile on here for fun just to see what would happen and ended up comin across Darens page. I messaged him and we ended up havin a lot in common so he asked me if I would meet up with him in person. We went on our first date June 12th 2011 and I was so nervous I thought he wouldn't like me and leave. But we went and saw a movie and went out for dinner after. We couldn't stop talking. We got kicked out of Logan Rodehouse and sat in the parking lot til 12am just talking. We clicked so amazingly. And now we've been together for almost a year and a half and now planning a wedding. I owe it all to this site because without it I would've never met my best friend.