Sarah & Thomas, Married 10/2012

"2 cynical people, converted!"
I joined POF around Dec 2010 if I'm honest, with a very cynical view of Internet dating. I had been married previously, and was single for a long time afterwards. Before joining POF, I'd had a few relationships, but always seemed to end up feeling disillusioned or broken hearted. At the age of 34 I had completely written off ever finding the right person. My mum told mr not to give up and suggested I try Internet dating. My initial reaction was one of "No way!" However thought what have I got to lose? I created my profile (Dallasgirl76), with absolutely no expectations. I exchanged a few messages with men but didn't meet anyone for a date. I was actually enjoying exchanging messages and found it was actually quite fun! I think it helped that my expectations were low, so it was a case of nothing ventured nothing gained. After being on the site around 4 weeks, I spotted the profile named "Lots O Hugs" and was immediately drawn to him. After several weeks of messages and texts, we agreed to meet. Our first date was great fun and I had butterflies as soon as I saw him. He seemed so genuine in his profile and in person, and we agreed to meet 2 days later. Thomas had also been feeling the same as me and had also written off finding happiness. He admitted he'd been on a couple of dates but was disappointed, and was considering deleting his profile the week before I made the first contact. I thank my lucky stars he didn't! Our relationship has gone from strength to strength and we married on Sunday 7th oct 2012. We are both surprised that we found love in this way, so if you're a skeptic like we both were....don't give up as you just never know who's on this site! Much love and Thanks Thomas and Sarah Blackley xx