Kimberly & Dave, Married 10/2012

"Calibria83 meets Real Tall, kinda dark and sort of handsome"
After almost a year of "fishing" I was considering shutting down my profile. I had went on dates with a handful of guys and made some friends but there was no real "connection" or "spark". After my "last date" I decided online dating wasn’t for me and I decided it was time to shut it down. And there it was, a message with a profile picture that instantly made me smile. Dave's message to me was short, sweet and respectful! We decided to talk on the phone and made plans to meet. I had a strict rule for my POF dates that we couldn’t go to movies on a first date because it doesn’t allow you to talk and get to know each other. So, we made plans to go for dinner. That Saturday I was so excited to meet this guy and really hoping it didn’t result in the lackluster of my previous dates. When I walked out to meet Dave I was literally stopped in my tracks! This was partially because I was not expecting how tall this guy really was (6'5 vs. my 5'6) and also how he really did look just as handsome in person as he did in his profile picture! At dinner I quickly learned that Dave and I were a perfect balance for one another. His calmer, quieter demeanor vs. my constant loud chatter! We stretched dinner out as long as we could as we both knew there was a connection made and after a few hours of talking about anything and everything we decided to go to a movie! I was more that willing to break my no-movie-on-a-first-date rule for this guy! We ended the night without a kiss and simply said we had a great time and confirmed that we would both like to meet again. The next morning I had to stop myself from texting or calling him first thing in the morning! I just really wanted to see Dave again! We made plans to get together that day and we have been inseparable ever since! We have been together for three and a half years now and got married just this weekend (Oct 6th 2012). I can’t thank POF enough for giving me the tool to help find the man I will spend the rest of my life with! We are so fortunate to have found one another and we remind each other of that with every kiss, across-the-room glance and "I love you"!