Amy & Rodney, Married 8/2012

"From e-mail to the last first date of our single lives in only 3 days time!"
I decided to try plenty of fish as a way of moving on from a past relationship and meeting new people. After a few months though I became discouraged. I would receive lots of e-mails but many were inappropriate or immature. As a single mom, I needed a man in my life...not a boy. Since I was in nursing school, I decided to delete my profile after my Christmas break. The day before school started, I logged on and had an e-mail from Sunprophet. His email was genuine that asked open-ended questions about getting to know me. He wasn't just looking for a good time. I looked over his profile page and was very impressed with his creativity in making an infomercial, complete with testimonial, for his page to try and sell himself. At that point I knew I wanted to get to know him more as well. I took over an hour to answer his 10 questions and anxiously awaited a reply. The next day before school, I logged on to see if I had an email back, when Sunprophet requested to chat through IM. Normally I would never accept chat requests but this time I did as I remembered his profile from reading it the night before. The IM lasted only a few minutes but in the end we had a date set up for the very next day, Jan 15th 2011. Our date lasted 6 hours and we had to end only because the restaurant was closing. Because of how quickly we went from e-mail to date, halfway through I had to ask Sunprophet his real name as I had forgotten it. It is to his credit that he did not take offense to my memory lapse and found the humor in the situation. His name was Rod. Rod says he knew I was to be his wife the moment I walked into the restaurant for our first date. Took me only a little longer to come to the same conclusion. Our kids took to each other well, 5 kids in all, and on February 22. 2011 we were engaged. We were married August 4, 2012 with all of our children standing as bridesmaids and groomsmen.