Laura & James, Married 6/2012

"Laura & James"
My husband and I felt the connection before we ever met! After communicating for over a month on POF, we met and fell in love over the course of only 5 dates. I was leaving to spend the summer in Northern Michigan to work and to spend time with family. A week before, James was like "wait! I love you and I'm going with you!" He got a job at the private club where I was going to live and work. We traveled the country together and got married within a month! He's the man of my dreams. We are best friends and we knew that we were perfect for one another. We have been on countless adventures and have shared many colorful sunsets, appreciating each other to share the colors of life...seeing them brighter now than ever before. We are incredibly happy and greatful, we look forward to a lifetime of love. THANKS POF!! Laura & James