Dorene & James Harold, Married 5/2012

"The day I met my soulmate"
the day I met my soulmate it was on plenty of fish he sent me an email and then I sent him 1 back about 2 weeks later, his name is Harold we met at the 23rd Street Diner and had lunch we sat and talked for better than an hour it seem like we were able to finish each other's sentences from the start, I left that day on cloud 9, after we met for lunch we didn't see each other for about a week then we went on our first real date we went to dinner and a walk on the beach, after that date we knew there was something there and then we wen on a camping trip in May, we took a canoe ride and well on our canoe ride harold proposed and I said yes, we were then married on May 26th 2012 we are very happy together.