Aria & Burkhammer, Married 6/2013

"Greatest Love Affair"
A Fairy Tale come true! We both met others on POF beforehand but nothing like this. It has been pure magic and we quickly fell head-over-heels in love. We both met our matches. We are similar is so many ways that we feel we were destined to be together. We met in January 2012 and within 4 days we were inseparable. The second week while looking for a necklace, we looked at engagement rings. Insane but it made complete sense to two people who were quickly falling in love. "You put a spell on me" is how B phrased it... 4 months later, while on a romantic weekend up in Santa Barbara, there was the proposal. At 50 and 61 years old, this will be both our first marriages. Friends agree that we were made for each other and comment on how happy we are. After 8 months, we still can't get enough of each other and have yet to have our first does not get better than this and we thank God everyday for this gift of love and happiness.