Aprile & Kent, Married 5/2011

That was his POF username. He contacted me once, and i "unread deleted" him. He was over 3 hours away, and my profile clearly stated "must be within an hour drive or dont even bother". So he tried once more with the subject "PLEASE READ BEFORE DELETING", and so i read it. He said that i should give everyone a chance regardless of where they live, and that i should not expect love to be within an hour drive. So i proposed he tell me exactly how he planned to date me from so far away. He said i would not notice the distance. He met me 2 days later at Starbucks for coffee. Yes, he drove over 3 hours to have a cup of coffee with a girl he just met on an online dating site. I was immediately flattered and intrigued. We had great conversation, and it just never stopped. He drove over 3 hours each way to date me at least 2 days a week after that. After about 2 months of that i moved to VA on a leap of faith so we could see if it was really meant to be. He asked me to marry him 3 months after we met, and we started planning our Vegas wedding. We flew to Vegas and were married by Elvis that May, 6 months after our initial first meet over coffee. We now have a beautiful baby girl and are ridiculously happily married. Im so glad i took a chance on a guy "over an hour away"!! He was sooo worth it!!