John & Kimberly, Married 9/2012

"Just when you least expect it!"
Kimberly and I exchanged two emails back in forth before speaking on the pnone and had instantaneous chemstry. We both enjoyed one another's fun loving personality and laid back approach, no pressure or expectations of anything. We agreed to meet at a place of her choosing and had an absolutely awesome first date. We talked openly and honestly about everything we had to offer one another and everything in between. The beauty of it all was the natural feeling from the moment our eyes met. I never in my life experienced that "tingly" feeling like when we met and I knew I had met someone truly amazing. You hear people say from time to time that when you know, you know, well guess what? They are absolutely right. It is an indescribable feeling of clarity and content when you experience it for the first time. From that first date on we have been inseperable. I think after our third date Kim and I were having drinks and having a wonderful time enjoying eachother's company to the "enth" degree when I simply said that she was the kinda girl I wanted to marry, she responded with the exact same thought, so I told her then why don't we just do it! She said that she was completely fine with that and wondered what took me so long. Our initial thought was to hop in the car and head off to Vegas right then and there, but I was not OK with disrespecting her family. I stated that I would feel much better if I asked her Father's permisiion and Mother's blessing before we took the next step. She said I could ask her Father right then and there, so she dosen't even hesitaste to call her Father, whom was on business on the other side of the planet and says, "Guess what Dad? I'm in Vegas and I'm getting married!" Of course she was kidding but expressed that we were talking about it and would wish him a safe trip home and that I look forward to meeting him soon. Much to her parent's disbelief we popped it on them the following week over dinner and the rest is history! We met 04/02/12 and will be married 09/22/12 and are the happiest, funniest and most in love couple you could meet. Thank you POF for the chance of a Lifetime!!! Good Luck to all of you!.