Liset & Daniel, Married 11/2013

"We never gave up on love!"
I had tried dating services that cost a lot of money and although I met some nice people, I never had that "connection". My sister had suggested POF to me but I was reluctant. A year later after spending New Years Eve alone I decided, what the heck....let me try this POF! I didn't know that around the same time, Danny had also registered as well. One morning I recieved a beautiful message from an interested gent. After reading the message, I thought to myself...what are the chances that this guy is handsome as he is charming....very doubtful. I then logged on to view his profile and to my surprise I saw the most handsome, breathtaking man I had ever seen. Ok, this must be a has to be! I immidiatly replied and waited....and waited. I went to work with this "Danny" on my mind. Oh gosh I hope he replies...he did, a couple of long hours later. We connected over the phone later that evening and decided to meet in New York City later that week. Would you believe it if I told you that he was ever more handsome in person. LONG STORY SHORT (it gets better but I'm cutting it short), we fell in love! Head over heals in love. I adore Danny with all of my heart and he adores me to no end. We are perfect together in every way you can imagine. I have two daughters from a previous marriage and he has 2 sons and 1 daughter from a previous marriage. It was a bit...just a bit challanging blending our families but our love gave us the support that we needed. Our relationship was welcomed with so much warmth and support from both of our families. They could tell in our eyes how much we treasure each other. We can only wish the same fortune to others. POF, thank you, thank you, thank you....this message is LONG over due. God bless you all involved in this web site. Markus, we would be honored to have you join us at our wedding. It brings tears to my eyes how very happy I am and it's all because of you....thank you!!!!!