Kim & Kenny, Married 4/2011

"Meant To Be"
In 2010, I divorced after 10 years of marriage. I decided to try online dating; I was lonely and thought it would be a way to meet people since I didn't have a large circle of single friends. Over that summer, I met a few people and went on some dates, but never met anyone I wanted to become romatically involved with. Then in late July, I received a message from Kenny. I didn't respond right away because I had a friend visiting from out of town. But on Monday, August 2nd I responded and that night we chatted for about an hour online. He asked if I would like to go out that next Friday and I agreed. I gave him my phone number and he called and we talked for over an hour. We talked and texted the next day and on Wednesday, he asked if I'd like him to bring me lunch at work. Normally I would never do someone for the first time at work. But something told me it would be ok. He brought me lunch and we had a nice visit, but there were no sparks. The next night, I drove up to see him (we lived an hour apart); not a date, just a visit. Again, no real sparks. But he was so nice I decided to keep our date for the next night and see what happened. Needless to say, when I saw him at the restaurant where we agreed to meet, for whatever reason there were sparks... fireworks, butterflies, everything. Maybe it was because he was a little more dressed up. Maybe it was because we had talked so much over the course of the week that I had grown to really like him. But whatever it was, I felt it. I may not have known that night that he was The One...but I knew he was the one I wanted to spend more time with and get to know better. We had a date again the next night, and have been together ever since. He was exactly what I had always wanted in a man, but thought I would never find. We were engaged by October and married in April of 2011. Since we lived an hour apart, there is no way we would have ever met except online. We feel so lucky to have found each other. It was definitely meant to be. Thank you Plenty of Fish!