Chastity & Brandon, Married 5/2012

"The Sweetest Place On Earth!"
My Husband and I met on POF in February 2009. I messaged him after coming across his profile. I loved his tattoos so I complemented him on his wonderful artwork. After a couple weeks of chatting. We decided to meet up, we both worked late so it was hard to ever find time to go on a date. Well one night after work we decided to meet up. He met me after work in the parking lot. We drove around the corner to the only place open. It was 7-11. We sat in his car and talked untill 6am. We told each other our entire lives that night, laughed about our first date being in a parking lot. The workers at 7-11 made fun of us and thought it was cute. When 6am rolled around I was like oh my I have to leave to go out of state in an hour. So he drove me back over to my car, I got out and he pulled me back in and kissed me. He told me to have a safe trip and to stay in touch. That morning on my 5 hour drive out of state so tired I could hardly drive. He had called and said he had a great time and couldn't wait for me to get back. He talked to me for 3 of the 5 hours to help keep me awake. He felt so bad for keeping me out so late and kept apologizing. Well after staying out of state about a week and just talking back and forth. He said he couldn't take it anymore. The desire to see me again was killing him. So he rented a car, grabbed a gps and having never left his area, he drove 5 hours to see me. When he got into town he got out grabbed me and kissed me told me he was never letting me go again. Then we went and had a real first date. We went to my favorite Italian restuarant in the city and walked the river shore till the sun came up. We told each other our dreams and goals. I had told him I had already done everything in life I have ever wanted to do except go to Disney World. Our week had ended and we came back to our state and we were inseparable. Well I was at work one day and said stop by after work. I stopped by and he opened the door with a package in his hand. He handed it to me and said all your dreams have now come true. It was tickets to Disney World, a week stay at the most beautiful resort. I cried and thanked him for being the most wonderful person that has ever graced my heart. We got engaged a year later on May 5th at our favorite beach. We were just having a normal day walking around. We were going to dinner later that day since it had marked the first year we had been together. We were watching to waves come in on a really cute bench by the shore. He stood up and bent down I thought he was going to tie his shoe. Then he grabbed my hand and told me that he loved me from the first night at 7-11. I laughed, by then i was like get off the ground your gonna get dirty. Not knowing he was going to ask me to marry him. He then pulled out the ring and said your my dream come true, the sweetest person on this earth. I love you with all that I am. Will you marry me. I said yes on one condition you get off the ground your getting dirty. we laughed, cried and spent the rest of the day on our beach till dinner. We married this year on May 5th, we have been happily together since day one 3 years ago. We are still have not spent one day apart since we have been together. He is my best friend and an even better husband. We got married in Hershey, PA THE SWEETEST PLACE ON EARTH. We married in Hershey Gardens on May 5th. The most beautiful, sweetest place in the world. It was a very simple yet gorgeous wedding. We planned it in 2 weeks very stress free. People always say we are so old fashioned and so horribly in love that it's gross..haha So here's to POF for having such a wonderful site. I thank you for giving me a chance to find the man of my dreams, as I am the woman in his.