Laurenda & Michael, Married 6/2010

"Romeo and Juliet"
2.5 years ago I went searching for my soulmate on POF and found Mike the first week after sifting through 300 emails from men. He failed to tell me he was legally blind so I was surprised but did'nt care. By the end of our 1st night at his families house I was in love! Two weeks later he moved in and we married 4 mo later. My 5 grown kids say they have never seen me so happy. We have never been in even an argument. He tells me at least 50 times a day he loves me and I always reply with, I love you too Babys. My kids have each come to me and said they see us growing old together:) I see it too as we are so very compatible. It's true love and I'm still head over hills in love with my sweet hubby. After spending a year with his mom visiting, she died in my arms as I sand Amazing Grace as she entered Heaven. Mike and I are inseperable. Thanks POF you changed my life forever. Laurenda Biggs