Jessica & Aaron, Married 11/2013

"Long Distance love"
We started talking in March of 2011, and started dating late April after we decided to meet. We would see each other every other week, eventually becoming every week! I was in grad school and he worked two jobs 7 days a week, so time together was limited, but every minute we spent together was special. He proposed a year later on Easter through an egg hunt. He sent me on a hunt for plastic eggs with letters with velcro on the back, inside of some of the eggs. After the hunt was through I had to unscramble the letters which spelled out "I love you" with a "M" and "R" left over... He said wait a minute I have more in my pocket. He took the paper with letters attached and started switching up the letters removing some, and adding others. He said ok now read it, while I read it he got down on one knee with a ring and it read "Marry me?" It truly was love at first sight, and we plan on getting married late next year!