Cheri lynn & Johnny, Married 9/2012

"Paperclip man swept the notsotypical gal right off her feet"
We wanted to take a moment to thank POF for giving us an outlet and venue to have the opportunity to have met and find our best friend to fall in love with. After years of the online dating scenarios, several tries of baiting our hooks and reeling in a few sharks, Johnny and I met in late 2011 and haven't been apart since. We couldn't believe that we had so much in common. From hobbies to ideas of retiring....we found our missing puzzle piece. Even though we lived in the same city.... We believe if it wasn't for this little fish (POF) we would not have had the chance to meet, let alone, find the love of our lives. After a few emails we knew we had to meet. After a few months dating, we knew we didn't want to be apart. Wanting the same things out of life and enjoying them together. (; We re happy to say, with our very excited family and friends at our side we will be married this upcoming September 2012. Thanks to all of you that continue to keep things moving on this site. We wish the same success for others that are on your site looking for real love. JUST KEEP SWIMMING (: Best regards Johnny and Cheri lynn