Lisa & John, Married 2/2012

"Found my Best Friend, Lover, Husband"
I wasn't very hopeful that I would find "The perfect man" for me. John and I had both had bad past marriages and dating experiences and so we were both very guarded and cautious. We had both spent some time really evaluating our past choices and each of us had developed a criteria list for the perfect mate. What we had each found was that you can't make good decisions about allowing someone into your life if you don't really know and love yourself first. You must also not compromise on your criteria list. I saw John's profile and could tell that he was a very kind, caring, and Godly person so I showed interest and emailed him. He responded very kindly sharing more about himself as did I. We spent several weeks emailing before even having a phone conversation. He was out of state on business so we got to know one another the "old fashioned" way. We spent some evenings texting questions about our "favorites."(favorite team, favorite pet, etc) the whole time taking notes for future reference. Some evenings we talked for hours on end. The bottom line is that we took TIME to really get to know each other. Our first date was amazing and neither of us wanted the evening to end. By our third date, we were having the conversation of our lives while eating pizza in my living room. We both decided that we would take this relationship very slowly and just enjoy getting to know everything about each other. We took personality assessments, read many books about compatibility, etc. We also vowed to be Honest with one another and if one of us didn't feel that we were a long term match we would simply be "best friends." Well, as anyone can guess, best friends became lovers and lovers became husband and wife. So, it's true. You really can find and marry your Best Friend!