sian & simon, Married 8/2012

"Soon to marry my Mr right."
It was November 2008 and to be honest I was on POF just to pass the time and to chat, and I had only split with my previous boyfriend a month or 2 before and I wasnt looking for a boyfriend. I was looking at some guys profiles when I saw Simons, I sent him a cheeky message, saying, wow your a bit cute arent you lol... and never expected him to reply, but he did, thankfully! About a week after we started talking we met up, it was bonfire night so we were gonna go see the local fireworks and grab a bite to eat. I got in the car and it was like meeting up with a long lost friend. I have never felt so instantly comfortable with anyone before. Before we knew it it was 1am and neither of us wanted the night to end. Dropping me off simon asked if he could see me the next day, I said yes. This happened every day. The only days i Didnt see him was a friday as he went out with his mates for curry, About 2 weeks later i realised I had fallen in love with him, but i was scared as i wasnt looking for this, and didnt want to get hurt...but just before christmas 2008 while out for a meal with simon i gathered up the courage and told him I love him, which thankfully he said he loved me too, but hadnt want to tell me in case I didnt feel the same :D to cut a long story short, we got engaged Christmas eve 2010, bought a house together aprill 2011 and are due to get married in Cyprus next month. I love him beyond measure, and he feels the same bout me, He is truely my soul mate who I know I will be with forever. I cannot thank POF enough-because of you guys I met my mr right.