Judy & Robert, Married

"Never Too Late"
I've been divorced for 20+ years, my fiance had been divorced for about 6 years. I was on Facebook clicked on the POF ad and signed on. Robert was someone I thought I'd like to know, I favorited him and moved on. He messaged me, 1 week later we met for our 1st date, a few days later we had our 2nd date. We've never left each others since then. We shared so many things on common. He excepted my life into his, he had me everyone in his family within 2 months of meeting. We just clicked. We were both hispanic brought up with a single parent, I am also a single parent. He understood my ideas of family, accepted that although my kids are grown adults they are my priority. Robert doesn't have kids so he's grown to love mine and my grandchildren. He can't wait to be a grandpa. You just never know what can happen if you take a chance. It's never too late, I'm 51 years old and Robert is 50, you never know when you will find someone that is willing to merge your two worlds. 4 months after we met, we got engaged, July 10, 2011, I was his 50th birthday present to himself. Now we are getting married this month on July 23, 2012. I took a chance, a big one, after being alone for 20 years, not even actively looking for anyone, and I find "the one" God had his plan for me, for us and I am thankful that we both took a chance on POF.