Amy & Tim, Married 5/2013

"A Story of Our Own"
I'm going to be honest with everyone in sharing that I wasn't so sure I would ever meet the right one for me online. I knew it was possible and kept an open mind, but like many--I had my doubts. Balancing being somewhat of a hopeless romantic and a realist can be a challenge. I just made sure I was really open and honest when writing my profile hoping that I would attract the right kind of quality guy I was looking for. I didn't go on too many dates because I was a little on the selective side and have had plenty of disappointments with dating both online and in meeting men out and about. Tim and I had first started emailing in April and after his first email I had checked out his profile and felt there was something really sweet and cute about him. There was this genuine sincerity that came across in everything he wrote to me and I thought he was very attractive. Tim took the time to ask me questions about myself and get to know me. Not long after that he asked me out on our first date. Our phone conversation just before the first phone date left me feeling comfortable and curious. Our first lunch date was so much fun! He was cute, warm, and conversation was easy. There were moments when he would look at me and I would just giggle. I already felt like a school girl with a crush! I honestly wasn't sure after we ended our date what would happen next. We all know how weird dating can be! We texted that evening and the chemistry and curiousity was building. Tim asked me out two days later and wanted to plan something special that I liked to do. He had planned either a train ride in the redwoods or we were going to go on a nice hike and explore the area. I left it up to him and he took refreshing and it made me feel special. That first date on the train ride was a day I will never forget. We talked all day and it was as if nobody else existed. We were immediately affectionate, comfortable, silly together, and there was this unique magic. Tim was a gentleman, romantic, and playful. We were both so open and honest with each other and I just knew that we had something special that very day. I left that date feeling as if I was on cloud nine and our relationship has only grown stronger since then over a short period of time. We had found everything we had been looking for in a partner and are excited about our future together. Our strong communication and incredible connection is key, but our commitment to building something lasting with one another is what will make this relationship forever. It is a dream come true and I've never been happier in my life. We are still amazed that we met each other online. Everybody has always heard before, "When you know." Now I truly understand and feel what that statement is all about.