Amanda & Aaron, Married 8/2014

"When you know, you know! this is our story..."
Aaron & Amanda met through plenty of fish in early May 2011. Neither thought anything would actually come out of joining this site. Till one day Aaron sent Amanda the sweetest message that caught her eye, she just had to reply! They began talking through email, text and on the telephone. After some time they decided to meet up for a date at the cheese cake factory. They instantly connected, like love at first site. You see... Aaron was born and raised in Chambersburg PA. Amanda was born and raised in Newark, DE. Aaron would drive 2hrs and 45mins. every weekend to see Amanda religiously. Aaron and Amanda new they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. So, Aaron began looking for jobs, planned on moving to DE to be with Amanda. After applying for over 30 jobs and going to a few interviews, nothing!... No one was hiring...By now it was late August one week before Amanda's daughter Haley was to begin Kindergarten. Amanda was up in Chambersburg for her second visit to Aaron's hometown. They were sitting out on the pattio and Amanda blurts out We will move here!! Aaron was speechless, you see he never in a million years thought Amanda would move from the city to the country...neither did she really. So Amanda had made up her mind and once Aaron was able to speak, it was settled Amanda and Haley would move to PA to be with the man Mommy loved. :) So Aaron in less then a week got everything lined up. Haley's School(main priority), Our beautiful Appartment and everything just fell into place and a few days after that Amanda and Haley where on their way to being country girls. Late September 2011 the day after Aaron's 21st Birthday he proposed to Amanda(with the help of his soon to be daughter Haley) on September 22, 2011. Aaron and Amanda then set their date to be married August 04, 2012 in beautiful Chadds Ford PA.