Rachel & Chris, Married 3/2013

""Fire Wife""
I had just moved to Phoenix with no connections, family or friends in the area. I had no idea how hard it was to meet people my age and working in a nursing home didn't help. Chris, who is a paramedic/firefighter, was essentially forced against his will to join a dating site by his work buddies. He had no faith in online dating and obliged only to stop the nagging of his station crew. Needless to say we both joined POF! Chris went out with a girl who, for lack of a better term, was "not his type". What little faith he had in the system lessened to close to none. That is, until, he saw my picture and sent me a message. He told himself it was the last girl he would message before deleting the profile. That one message was all it took. One message lent to many and before long we had our first date. A year and a half later Chris got down on his knee and offered me a t-shirt he had made with the Maltese Cross displaying "Fire Wife". He told me he hoped that someday I could wear the t-shirt and the saying will ring true. We will be married in March of 2013!