Rob & Karyn, Married 10/2013

"you stole my line...."
That's how it all started, one little message from her saying I stole her line. Turns out she was tired of the same guys on all the dating sites in ottawa so she decided to search around pembroke and came across my profile with the same title as hers. She looked at my picture then decided she would read my profile and send me that message. The ball was then in my court, we chatted for a bit on POF then decided to check out each others facebook, followed by texting. We were both up front about what we wanted and need in a relationship since we live an hour and 30 minutes apart. Well I misplaced my phone for about 2 weeks so we ended up not talking to each other for a bit. She sent me a text saying good luck and I hoped I would find what I was looking for and that she was moving on. Two days later my friend found my phone and I was leaving to head out east for 5 weeks on a military course. I quickly sent her a text and asked her to give it one more shot and explained what had happened to my phone. By the time she said yes I was already 3 hours past Ottawa and was unable to go meet her in person for the first time. It would have to wait until I came back when my course was done. The whole time I was there we texted and almost every other night depending on how much studying I had I would go to Starbucks get a coffee and we would have skype dates lol. We would talk about everything from how are days were to what we would do when we finally met face to face and not screen to screen. We grew closer and closer even if it was only online, we finally got to the point where we set our plans to spend my first weekend back together but we would meet in the morning so that if we didn't click I would just go home. It seems so funny to look back at it now but I was so nervous then, all I could do is hope I was everything she wanted me to be and vice versa. Was I ever wrong, she knocked me on my butt. From the second she opened the door I knew she was THE ONE, I think it was only a half an hour before we kissed for the first time. I thought I would be so tired when I got there because I drove 11 hours through the night to see her but when I did sleep was the last thing from my mind. Although I did fall asleep with my head on her lap after we had lunch and were watching a movie on the couch lol but I had been up for 31 hours at that point so it was ok lol. We hit it off completely and have never looked back. I've met her whole family and friends and she's met mine, and they all say the same thing that we've never looked happier and I have to agree. I make a point everynight before she goes to sleep to tell her how amazing she is, how much I love, and how lucky I am to have her in my life. That just being with her makes me a better man and that I can't wait untill I can call her my wife (she says fall pressure on me to pop the question or Stealing her line was the best move i've ever made in my life and I can only hope that I will continue to be the man that she loves and cherishes for our many happy years to come.