Robert & Kelly, Married 5/2012

It was by fate we met. Kelly had literally just ended an awful 2 year relationship and as a New Year's Resolution, and had sworn off men for awhile when Robert had sent her a message. He will be the first to admit that she was rather rude to him, and she doesn't deny it. Kelly had a lot of high expectations, and didn't know if any man was going to be able to live up to them. Well, after the first night, Kelly knew Robert was different. She had felt like she'd known him for years, and their personailities clicked. Kelly was amazed that such a person exsisted. After a few online chats, they decided to talk on the phone, and after a week or so, they decided to meet. This task was easier said than done. We had plan to meet on a Sunday, however there was a huge snowstorm in the forecast. So Robert drove to see Kelly-about an hour and a half drive-the night before. He got a hotel to stay in that night. Knowing that Robert was in the same town, they couldn't resist but to see one another. Kelly headed over to the hotel about midnight, then they went off to McDonald's to get some hot chocolate, and came back to the hotel. Kelly had just returned from Germany a few weeks prior and got all of her pictures back. For several hours, Kelly showed pictures and Robert showed his favorite YouTube videos. We were a quite silly and perfect match. In the middle of the night, Kelly decided it was time to head home. As she pulled out of the parking lot, she watched Robert try to impress her while sliding on thie ice. She was quite impressed when he never managed to fall :) The next morning, they met for breakfast in the middle of the snow and ice storm and then spent the whole day together. Kelly will tell you that she knew they would marry the day she first talked to him online, even to the point of telling his sisters the first time they met a month later, that the wedding date would be set for May 5th, 2012. Robert needed a while longer, but it didn't take that long. He proposed at the hotel we first met at in October of 2012. And as love has it, the couple wed on May 5th, 2012. When a girl knows, she knows :)