Jennifer & Daniel, Married

"Danny and Jenny"
When I received Danny's message on POF he seemed to be a kind, honest, genuine man. He was upfront about his speech impediment and I was impressed by his well written, intelligent profile. When we started communicating by phone we found so much to talk about and had many common interests, such as books and music and life experiences. He drove the 100 miles from Tyler to Dallas to meet me and was such a gentleman. He stayed with relatives that live nearby and we got to know each other and it wasn't long before we realized there was chemistry between us. For the next few months we traveled back and forth between Dallas and Tyler and got to know each others' families. I was delighted that his little granddaughter likes me, along with the rest of his family, likes me! Although we are not officially engaged, we are in committed relationship and will probably make an announcement sometime in the near future. I can honestly say internet dating worked for us. -Jennifer and Daniel