Jennifer & Clayton, Married 9/2013

He had joined POF and came across my picture and decided to message me. I responded and it progressed from there. At the time, he was on his way home from Christmas leave and was at his sister's house about to go to the airport. It was easier for me to text instead of getting on POF to answer the messages, so I asked if that was something he was interested in (and of course, he was!). He gave me his number, and then we started texting and playing, what we call, "the question game" (You ask one question, the other answers, and then asks a different question). He came back from leave while I was re-cooperating from a Tonsillectomy, and then he flew out to Louisiana, where he was helping prepare soldiers to go to Iraq. We texted the entire month and when he finally came back, we decided that we needed to go on a date since we already knew everything about each other and seemed to have a lot in common. Our first date was going to go see "The Green Hornet" in 3D (my first 3D movie!) and the date went great (he gave me a single red rose when I opened the door) - it wasn't awkward at all because we already knew everything about each other from talking every day all day for a month. We weren't ready for the date to end so I invited him to watch movies at my place and he ended up getting snowed in! Post was shut down, so he had no way to get back to his room, and my University cancelled classes for two days and so he stayed with me - for four days total (Officially the longest first date I've ever heard of!) We started dating exclusively shortly after. When he finally went home, it was only for the day to work, and then he'd come right back and we'd go out again - we couldn't get enough of each other - and still can't!! Now we are engaged and ready to get married after he comes back from this next deployment to Afghanistan! We are so thankful that we found each other and are happy with how everything turned out. It took a while to find the right person (especially on here... there are so many people out there!) but he was worth the wait.