Selena & Jay, Married 3/2012

"The Maldonado's"
Jay and I met on POF October 10, 2010. We had our first date October 16, 2010 and have been together since that day. We had a long distance relationship (70 miles apart) for over a year then after many life adjustments we married March 20, 2012. There is no way we would have ever met each other if we were not using POF. We both originally put a 50 mile restriction on our search, but a quick peek past that limit has yielded us both a relationship we only dreamed of before. The sacrifices we made early in the relationship have been well worth it all. It was not easy dating long distance when factoring in children, work and our daily routines. We were presented with many challenges when we really missed each other, but waiting it out and enjoying the time we could be together has worked for us.