Hailee & Aaron, Married 11/2012

"pick up trucks, brews and warm spring air"
"are you related to arnold palmer" was how it all began. We began messaging back and forth then I asked him for his number, he had been in colorado for work when we began talking.. i decided i was going to wait for him to come back.. the night we met.. was nothing of the same ole same ole first date secnario.. actually quite different. My friend drove me out to see him in fayettville since she was heading there for the weekend. He met me and was wearing camo and had that crooked smile any good ole country girl would melt at the knees for, i hopped in his truck and i knew... that night.. he was the one. We spent the whole weekend together and he drove me home. Shortly after he proposed to my father when they went hunting. He had to leave to deploy that october.. and now im waiting on him to come home safely. can't wait for october to come to start up this flame that keeps on burning.