Lea & Shane, Married 7/2013

"When you know... You know!"
After hours upon hours of spending time texting each other, we went on a date. We spent ages talking, hardly eating. Eventually the restaurant owners started turning lights off in a bid to get us to leave. After a peck on the cheek, we reluctanly left the restaurant. The following day we were both planning our second date! That weekend we went to the cinema. Our evening was cut short due to the foot of snow that had fallen in the time it took to watch a film! A week later, I went to see him and spend hours just chilling, watching tv, chatting away... It was hard to stay apart. He came over most evenings and a few weeks later he came over to stay and never went home!! By the beginning of April we had spoken about marriage, and by the middle of April we were engaged!! We are now more than halfway through planning our wedding for July next year and are 18 days away from our first family holiday! Meeting on POF was the best thing we could have done. Thank you!